5 Best Luxury Face Lotions - Dec. 2018

Luxury face lotions range from both day creams and night creams, but all are meant to hydrate and moisturize your skin with high quality ingredients. Many are formulated to help reduce the appearance of sun damage and fine lines. Featured ingredients include shea butter, green tea, cocoa butter, collagen, and even caviar. Night creams are usually heavier than day creams, so make sure to only use them at night and consider your specific skin type before making a purchase. Some lotions are designe

Amazon.com: Ultimate Book of Business and Legal Forms for Startups: 200+ Downloadable Forms and Spreadsheets (Ultimate Series) eBook: Karen Thomas: Kindle Store

Assembled by a team of more than fifteen attorneys whose legal specialties apply to practically all aspects of starting, operating, and maintaining a business, this valuable resource delivers not only the necessary forms to launch a business, but everything from hiring and firing, conducting business online, to franchising—totaling more than 200 forms, all at your fingertips! Covering all the legal aspects of starting a business and applicable across many industries, this ultimate go-to resource

RSI Insurance Brokers

Formerly known as Paragon Cartage, 3G Brothers, LLC is a Seattle-based intermodal motor carrier with strong relationships throughout the industry. 3G Brothers is the recent recipient of the Zim House Trucker Award, that recognizes motor carriers that make a positive difference in the industry and with partners such as Zim House. Everyone at RSI Insurance Brokers, Inc. is extremely proud and honored to promote 3G Brothers, LLC’s well-deserved accolades. Lead by Jemal Ali and Alemu Haile, 3G Bro

A New Years Resolution or Two to Boost Your 2017 Insurance Coverages | RSI Insurance

A New Years Resolution or Two to Boost Your 2017 Insurance Coverages As individuals we all tend to make  resolution or two at the start of a new year. As a business owner or key person in day to day operations, we tend to have daily, quarterly goals in addition to the big projections for years and beyond. No matter your personal or professional ambition to kick-start a resolution, this is the best time of year to conduct an insurance coverage check-up. Commercial auto liability policies typica

Released Ahead of Schedule - DotSchools.com Beta "Where Technology, Career Education and Students Meet"

Victor Valdez, the CEO of Affnet.com, is proud to announce the release of the company’s Beta version education portal Dotschools.com. As a foundational pillar in Affnet’s Education business, the DotSchools portal is a free online resource that can assist prospective students in search of top online colleges and campus schools find degree and certificate programs best suited to advancing their professional and personal goals. Affnet’s COO, Kent Keilback readily admits “education portals aren’t n

Ultimate Book of Business Forms: 250+ Forms You Can Customize (Ultimate Series) - Kindle edition by Karen Thomas. Professional & Technical Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

If you think this is a treasure chest of biz and legal forms for you to use at your disposal? Well think again...while they do offer some biz advice and walk you through all the basic forms in the book (various states tear away sample forms) their major selling point is the big blue starburst seal that reads INSTANT DONWLOAD OF 250+ forms....that's what sold me but that is t what you really get... You are able to download 3 forms only and use them up to 150 times. Anything else they refer you